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Your car is welcome for a service at our shop in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Your car is welcome for a service at our shop in Allentown, Pennsylvania

We offer free diagnostics with our car repairs in Allentown, PA


Apply Now by texting GMDQA to 844-223-8937! Flexible payment options, no credit check required

Absolute transmission rebuild

Let's take car maintenance seriously

You can count on us for car repair services in Allentown, PA

You depend on your car for transportation every day. Even minor car problems can be a hassle, but you don’t have to worry about car trouble with Absolute Transmission Service. We can handle all your auto repair needs in Allentown, PA.

Your street-friendly mechanic

Absolute Transmission Service in Allentown, PA is your final destination for total car care. Our technicians are ASE-certified, so your vehicle will always receive the best possible care. We’ve kept Allentown drivers in the fast lane since we opened our doors, and we’ve only expanded and improved our services since then.

Towing Service

With our professional tow truck service, you can trust us to safely transport your vehicle to the desired location, offering peace of mind during unexpected breakdowns or accidents.

We offer a comprehensive range of tow truck services, including emergency towing, vehicle recovery, and specialized transport, all delivered with efficiency and care by our experienced team.

Contact us For Towing Service : +1 (610) 333-5558


From minor repairs to a full rebuild, we’ll get your car shifting properly.


We’ll get your engine running like a top again and get you back on the road.

From minor repairs to a full rebuild, we’ll get your car shifting properly.



Reduce your car’s emissions and pass inspection with exhaust services.

Restore Your Trusty Old Car To Its Former Glory

Schedule a transmission or engine rebuild

The perfect care on your budget

There is no problem that our auto repair shops in Allentown, PA cannot handle. If your check engine light comes on, we can diagnose the problem and perform the necessary repairs. In case your car completely breaks down, we’ll repair the engine or transmission. With 30 years of experience, you can trust our mechanics to get your car running properly.

A genuine solution to vehicle problems

We want to save you time and money by getting your repairs done correctly the first time! Let us keep you in the know with our automotive expertise!
We have an experienced team on hand to provide our customers with excellent service, personalized attention, and fair pricing. Whenever we say we are the best auto repair shop, we mean you couldn’t make a better choice in auto repair shop than Absolute Transmission Service in Allentown!

Our Location

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