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Reduce Your Vehicle’s Emissions

Every new vehicle is equipped with a catalytic converter, which can reduce emissions by nearly 90 percent. However, they wear out over time. Get catalytic converter repairs from Absolute Transmission Service instead of allowing your car to pollute the environment.

In our shop in Allentown, PA, we know exhaust systems inside and out. From catalytic converters to mufflers, we can fix anything.

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To keep your car running smoothly, we can install a new catalytic converter if your car is older. Call us to learn more about our exhaust services.

Modern vehicles use catalytic converters to control emissions from internal combustion engines. The catalytic converter, or “cat,” converts harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions as part of the exhaust system.
You won’t even notice the catalytic converter when it is working properly. When the cat starts to fail, it definitely makes itself known. The most common sign of a problem with your catalytic converter is the noxious smell of rotten eggs.


A catalytic converter is a device that helps reduce the emissions from vehicles. It does this by removing harmful pollutants from the air, such as nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide, before they can reach Earth’s atmosphere. Catalytic converters are usually found on cars and trucks newer than 1996. They are also known as “emissions reduction devices”, “Erda converters”, or “OECD converters”.


The benefits of a catalytic converter

You’ll want to schedule catalytic converter repair or installation services right away because…

  • A functional converter will reduce your car’s emission and your carbon footprint

  • You can make sure your car passes emission tests and is legal to drive

  • You’ll be less likely to breathe noxious emissions that can harm your health

Schedule expert exhaust services by calling us at 347-937-0687 now.

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